The Sart of Something New:-) #Selfmade

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It has taken me a while to find my life’s passions and mature to this level of thinking I now possess. Nevertheless, it is time to be a part of change and for this I am ready!

I’m driven to a state of constant forward progression. This is a unique thought process of analyzing the difference between short gains and long gains. 

I started this blog out of a lack for knowledge alternative to the industries standards of succeeding in business. No two people reach their goals in the same way. This blog is to document my progress in reaching and obtaining my goals in life.

My wife is my motivation, joy, love, hopes, and dreams all in one person. She has been a positive influence on my life and inspires me to achieve greatness. Our lives have humble beginnings and we both have the same drive to help those in need.

My step-daughter is the most amazing person I know. She has a big heart for people and is the light of my life. She reminds me to shine despite my disabilities and she is the mark of scholarly aspirations. She expresses herself through art and is gifted in the subject.

Colin is my step-son. He is a spirited young man with a strong grasp on reality. He enjoys nature, art, and physical activities. He is protective over his family and is full of love. I enjoy every moment of time I get to spend with him.

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