Nightmare – Poem #1

Night creapt in swifly, with no signs of warning.

Threatening the peaceful plots of morning.

Visions of terrors that are ment to bind.

Peace, body, soul, and mind.

Simply from thoughts thought several years prior.

Holding tight to now like a pair of grip pliers.

Stopping only at self resignation.

Curious plites of deep meditation.

Releaseing faults of blame and borrow.

Time releases pain from sorrow.

Say to the night peace yet be still.

And awaken your mind a peaceful still.


Author: SelfmadeBlog

Information Technology Professional looking to motivate people while developing life long writing skills. My goal is to contribute to the world by offering my skills, knowledge, and application. I'm a twenty-six year old African-American/ Native-Amarican male currently in the Denver Metro Area. I'm a patriotic war veteran of OIF, an entrepreneur, Techie, Digital Influencer, Pastor, Artist, Traveler, Entrepreneur, and Student. My goal is to change the way people network. I love living life and making a positive influence on the world. Stop by to chat, learn, or just kill time.