Marvelous Trip To The State Of Colorado~~~

The road leading to a mountain in Colorado. This picture was taken threw the windshield of my ford focus. This picture was taken earlier in the morning time. The picture was taken with a cell phone camera with 10MP or less quality.

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February of 2017 I became a married man. It has changed a lot of my life perspectives and has helped me mature. My wedding was the happiest day of my life and my wife is my world.Shortly after becoming newly weds, we sought some adventure to solidify our union in marriage. So, we decided to go on  hunnymoon.
My wife and I are now honeymoon in Colorado and it is magnificent. She is somewhat of the adventrous type and that is a good thing for me. Our first thoughts of the area are all positive. We researched a few sites that were very helpful with learning for our trip. I will post these sites latter.
The views are amazing and the mountains make you feel so free.The land is bountiful with wild nature of all kinds.  So far we have been mobile thorough denver and all of it’s surrounding cities and they all seem to have a home feel to them. 

Although we came on our honeymoon, we have a want find the best place to start our new lives together. Besides the consumption of cannabis being relaxing for my mental health, the cities of Colorado seem to be a bit less harsh twards interracial couples than Alabama, Georgia, or florida. I guess only time will tell if Colorado keeps the place it has found in both our hearts.

The sun carves it’s way through the mountains. The colors of the sky seem like canvas stained.

The Best Part Of Waking Up In The State of Colorado!

The sunrise and sunsets are a marvel like no oother out here. They both bring a high level of peace to our souls and open us up to nature. The mountains give us good sceans for all kinds of photography. If we do leave Colorado, I will be certain to purchas a new cammera before departing. You have to buy a new camera in order to show the land in the way it should be viewed.

The nature burst forward through all of my pictures.

Before we arrived in this great state, we read a couple of sites out of concerne for the weather. One site stated that if you weren’t satisfied with the weather, it would change in the next ten minutes. This sounded a little far fetched to me at first. But, I must agree that the area has a very nice verity of weather that shifts rapidly without warning. So far this has proven to be more of an asset to our trip.

Driving with my love is so much fun. She is such a wonderful person.

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Mary & Josephis Wade

By. Josephis K.Wade

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