(Find out what’s on the internet about you) This is how sites are target young black males, including military veterans like me! 

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Something has to be done about site that spread lies about a person in hopes of distroying lives of innocent people. I recently stumbled upon the site http://www.instantcheckmate.com. I found it by googleing my name. To find out if you are being targeted on the internet, Google your name with (“”) around your name.

The fact that this site makes a fake net worth for you is somewhat scary.

This site posts misleading public information about an individual with the internetions of swaying public opinions about this person.

They pay for a high rank under the search engine associated with your name.This site charges the seeker in order to obtain the real information. I’m not certain the people who run this site don’t have business associations.

This is the part of the site where they try to make two charges look like five.The site cleverly uses red text to mislead viewers psychologically to compose an opinion of the targeted person.

The location of these charges are also false.

In my cause, this site has taken charges that I have not been convicted of and post them publicly to make me look like a criminal. Two charges have been posted twice and one has been added. This makes two convicted charges to appear as five convicted charges.

Sites like these do not say that the information they post is true, but they use there platforms to destroy people’s lives with public opinion.

The misleading information about the state in which these charges occurred is further misrepresentation of the public records cited.

Not only is no picture provided, but a fake net worth is circulated. A real birth date with fake family members was compiled.
This is just one of two site like this who use the power of the internet to capitalize on the sale of false information. The admins use these sites to blackmail the people they chose to targeting.I suspect these sites of being the reason for the lose of three jobs over the last 3 years.

They will never go as far as giving you a person’s work history, or schooling because it would brake the imagery of a criminal that they are trying to paint.

The charges that this site misrepresents were acquired while I was attending school at new horizons in Florida.

Data like this is mass compiled by companies that view you as a threat to them or there organizations.

Character is a little more complicated then mass funded internet hear say.

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