Excellent Character Development

Developing a character can prove itself to be quite a difficult task. Attached below is a link to an article that helped me get past the learning curb and understand the vital components associated with character development. If you have been struggling to write a winning novel, short story, or any fictional book, working on character development can be priceless in ensuring your success. Hopefully, this article will give you everything you need to develop winning characters.



Things I love about writing.

Writing is one of the oldest form of known communication, next to speech itself. The earliest forms of writings were in the form of pictures. These pictures were used to tell stories and relay vital information. I believe that writing is one of the most creative arts that ever existed. Whether you agree with me or not, writing has played an important part in history and will continue to be a big part of American Culture for decades to come. This article will detail the many things I love about writing.

1. Creativity

A good writer is at the core; a creator who uses words, pen, and paper, in the same manner, an artist uses paint, brushes, and canvas. Vividly painting the picture that one wishes to share with one’s target audience.

2. Freedom of expression

Writing is being as contextual boundless as your vocabulary will allow you to conceive. In short, your free to express yourself as you chose. Being that there aren’t as many rules to writing, as there are to grammar, you can make the rules up as you go along and worry about the mechanics later.

3. Outlet

In life, things can cause frustration, anger, and at times feelings of isolation. Writing can be a way of getting things out. It can help you to analyze your feelings, express them, and understand them. Somethings you do not dare say where others can hear, but writing can be burned and never hear by any ears. Not only can writing be an outlet for feelings, but it can also become the medium for expressing ideas. Somethings if not written down, would have been long forgotten. Writing allows you to troubleshoot things that couldn’t be express in any other way, for the lack thereof.

4 Influence

Helping people to understand were you’re coming from, can be vital in drawing support for your cause. Writing can be an essential tool in organizing, structuring, and expressing ideas. Shaping you ideas in a way that helps you to connect deeper with your target audience can be the difference between success and failure. Developing good writing skill can help you to do this more efficiently.

There are many reasons to love writing and I can’t list them all in one setting. The reasons for writing will change from day to day, person to person. What will never change is there will always be someone looking to express themselves and writing may be the only way that they can effectively do so.

Things I love about Colorado

Colorado is a good place, even just to visit. I’m a southerner originally a citizen of Goregia, whom move to Colorado in 2017 looking to make a new life for me and my wife. It took awhile to settle in, but when we did, I found many reasons to love living in Colorado.

First things first, their are many things that make Colorado a great place to live, but It just wouldn’t be the same without its legal marijuana. One of the most hilarious sights to see, is some one wearing a shirt inscribed,” Welcome to Colorado! You’ve got your weed now go home!”. Yes, it is some high quality bud, if I may say so myself. Not only is it legal on the recreational side, but med patients are allowed to grow their own marijuana.

The second reason I love living in Colorado is because of technology. I’m an IT Professional and Colorado is home to three of the fastest growing cities in the tech industry. It’s literally flooded with Tech Jobs and schools geared to technical trades. This also makes it an ideal place to live if your a Millennial.

Third, Colorado boasts some of the beast views in the world. It’s mountains stretch for miles across the state and some you can drive across, around, and even through. Most of the mountains give you a view of nearby cities that tend to light up at night. Driving into Denver or boulder in the daytime, or flying into Denver, also in daylight, both give you a marvelous view of their beauty that you rarely see anywhere else. The sun rises and sunsets both carry unique colors of red, purple, blue, and yellow.

Next, the weather has no set normal. It could be sunny, cloudy, windy, rain, and snow all in the same day. Some people may find this annoying, but Coloradans have this saying: “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.”. When it dose snow in Colorado most cities keep moving without skipping a beat. It’s never too hot or too cold and if so just give it time and it will soon pass.

Last but not least, Colorado is a place of great diversity. Their are White, Black, Mexican, Chinese, Native American, Indian, Jamaican, Haitian, and many other cultures that call Colorado home. This leads to great diversity in the varieties of foods available. It also reminds you of the diversity of America and shows you what America truly looks like.

Should HIV be a felony

This post is in reference to a story I read, which I will post below, about California making the known transmission of HIV a misdemeanor vs. a felony.


I think this was a bad decision to make. Changing this law allows those whom are infected with the HIV virus, to manipulate law in efforts to infect others. It strips away the protections of the victims of crimes of this nature. I oppose discriminating against someone because of their illness, but I too believe if someone purposely infected another, that person should be charged with a felony.

The lawmakers have a moral responsibility to analyze laws such as this and not only do what’s best for citizens, but also what is best to prevent the contraction of the virus. I’m conflicted as to wether changing the law was the best thing to do in this situation.

Removing all biases I’m aware that every HIV carrier is not out to rapidly spread the disease. I comprehend their struggle to retain who they where before they were infected and that they still require the same care of respect as all of humanity. They shouldn’t be discriminated against and they often are. Furthermore, we have to be sensitive to the needs of those whom carry HIV, learn more about their struggles, and how we may help them overcome.

This dose not however force us to over look those who have become mentally unstable, those who may or may not know their infected, but wish to pray on the weaknesses of others. This doesn’t allow us to ignore the cries of innocent victims who didn’t ask for a death sentence. We have to find the balance between fairness, justice, and mercy. Only this way will we make the decision that is both moral and fair to all parties involved.

In order to defeat this disease, we must know about it. If your sexually active you should get tested. It is better to know, that way you can protect others. The mark of an adult is to be able to take responsibility for your actions. Getting tested every 6-months is just another part of that responsibility.

What should I blog about

I often these day ask myself,”What should I blog about?” As a blogger you have the responsibilities to publish content that others find useful. This is hopefully how you will leverage your hobby to obtain followers, fans, and additional income.

Good ideas can be hard to come by at times. So, what do you do in these situations? Brainstorm!

Brainstorming is one of the most popular ways writers solve this problem. The simplest way to brainstorm is to write; any and all thoughts that you have as they come, on loss leave paper.

Another method of brainstorming is to start with a topic and break it down into smaller topics. In the center of the paper your main topic, you would begin make line on the paper connecting your topic to things you think of about your topic. You would then in the same manner write as much about these things, in reference to your topic as you can, connecting them by lines to the things they reference.

Inspiration can come from many different places and it can be hard to settle on one main idea. Having many topics isn’t necessarily a bad thing. To avoid having writers block in the future, you could write all of your ideas on scraps of paper and keep them in a fish bowl. This way when you have a hard time deciding what to write about, you can then pull a topic you’ve saved from your fish bowl.

Another way you can ensure you have an idea of what your readers want to read, just ask them. Asking your readers what they are most interested in reading, or what type of stories get their blood bowling, could be vital in guaranteeing your writing success.

In the end, you are the deciding factor and what you chose to write will ultimately be left up to you. Going to creative places and being around people can sometimes stimulate new ideas.

My road to authorship!

So, I’ve finally decided to focus my efforts on becoming a good Author. I know this isn’t going to be the easiest thing to accomplish, but I’m enthusiastic about the journey. I am determined to work hard and even further my education on the subject. Writing for me is a creative process and I enjoy controlling the pictures painted in the minds of my readers as they decrypt my written works. I’m enthusiastic about engaging myself in works that I feel contribute to society

and gives people something to look forward to.

I’m quite sure becoming a published author is not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. Likewise, I’m sure many have dedicated their lives to the thought, only for it to end in falure. None of this dicourages me form the task and I’m more passionate about writing then I am about anything else.

“The pin is mightier then the sword.”, Is a quote I’ve heard frequently, but until resently I have failed to understand it in it’s entirety. One can create anything of substance with just a pin. Inventors have invented, builders have built, and every science know to modern man has been expressed through the means of writing. Words are the building blocks Man/Women uses to build structures of understanding through communication. There is nothing more gratifying then becoming the builder.

Moving people with words is the best way to meet like minded people. Ales who think in a common manor or agree with some of my positions can become followers and fans. My writing can help these people to find me and my positions. When people read things that I write, they will ascertain things about me, like my likes, and my dislikes. This will allow people to decide wether they wish to follow me on other social sites. Some people will connect with my personality, while others will criticize my writing, or fail to understand them. Either way, I’m dedicated to accepting feed back and putting in the efforts to write the best that I possibly can.

Sometimes in life our perceptions cause us to see things differently then others. Writing is sometimes necessary for us to express how we see the world, sometimes to those that don’t share the same views. Consequently, writing may be the only way for us to express how we see things. My life is one of service to my fellow man, one that embodies a spirit of fellowship and good faith. My story in life has yet to be written.

I’m a 29 year old, black male, military veteran, born in Columbus, Ga. I served one tour in Afghanistan and it dramatically changed the way I view the world as an American. I’m one of six children born to a black woman who died young of breast cancer. I’m the son of a man whom failed to ever find who he was, in turn I never knew him. My story is one of challenge and trial and one day I will tell it.

To me writing is a bondless form of creating that a way of freeing the soul. When I write it is a flow of words that rivals my way of thinking. I tend to write far more efficiently then I think, With that being said, when I write my mind goes somewhere different. I find that I see improvement in other subjects that have nothing to do with writing. As I write more and more I feel a sense of success and progress that rarely come with other activities.

How my writing will influence people, that I’m not sure of. All I’m sure of is that every word I write will be to inspire greatness in all that dare read them. Progress to me must be purchased with effort, hard work, and dedication. I’m reaching a point in my life where I wish to step into my destiny. The only thing that I am completely sure of is, writing is apart of my destiny.

Nightmare – Poem #1

Night creapt in swifly, with no signs of warning.

Threatening the peaceful plots of morning.

Visions of terrors that are ment to bind.

Peace, body, soul, and mind.

Simply from thoughts thought several years prior.

Holding tight to now like a pair of grip pliers.

Stopping only at self resignation.

Curious plites of deep meditation.

Releaseing faults of blame and borrow.

Time releases pain from sorrow.

Say to the night peace yet be still.

And awaken your mind a peaceful still.